There are many ways to bypass Citrix desktop restrictions (or other desktop restriction in general), including the ones that use RES Powerfuse or similar products. Here are a few ways to get a command prompt when (some) desktop restrictions are in place.

Web browser
If a Internet Explorer is among the set of applications that you are allowed to execute, one way of accessing the file explorer is by typing “\\localhost\” in the URL field. This should launch explorer.exe, which allows you to browse through the system and create new files in your home directory.

Next, create a new file called citrix.cmd and paste the “code” below. This will execute a command prompt.

Other applications
There are many other applications that could let you do the same trick to execute a command prompt. The general problem resides in the “Open” and “Save” dialogs.

When the “Open” dialog is displayed, do the following:

1. Use the right mouse button to create  a text file.
2. Click the right mouse button while the new text file is selected and click “Edit”.
3. Paste the code from above in the text file and save the file.
4. Rename the file to citrix.cmd by right clicking it or by pressing F2.
5. Right click once again on the citrix.cmd file and click “Open”

Windows Help & Support
By opening the Windows Help & Support, search for “command prompt”. The following result should be displayed:










Click on the link that say “Click to open Command Prompt.”, a command prompt should be opened.

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