[note] The BlackArmor Rooter for Windows is known to only work on the following models: NAS220, NAS440[/note]

Today I decided it was time to release my Seagate BlackArmor Rooter for Windows, a small application which allows you to do the following things:

[icon_list] [icon icon_name=”icon-wrench”] Retrieve information about the device [/icon] [icon icon_name=”icon-wrench”] Retrieve all usernames and hashes [/icon] [icon icon_name=”icon-wrench”] Retrieve all shares [/icon] [icon icon_name=”icon-wrench”] Enable the SSH daemon [/icon] [icon icon_name=”icon-wrench”] Change the root password [/icon] [/icon_list]

If you encounter bugs or have feature requests, feel free to contact me. Please consider donating if you find this tool useful.

This tool should only be used when you own a Seagate BlackArmor NAS and would like to have SSH access available. This tool can also be used in case you forgot the administrative password.

Even though the Seagate BlackArmor Rooter for Windows was properly tested, it is not guaranteed that it will not break your device. By downloading this tool, you agree that you are using it at your own risk.

Currently I am also working on a Pro version which allows you to manage the backup licenses. Any one interested?

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