BeGone is a free online multi-player first person shooter (FPS)  game where each team tries to eliminate the opposing team before time runs out. It’s a game which can be played from within a user’s browser.

After playing this game for a while, I became curious if it would be possible to trick the game achievements. Normally when you kill an opponent, you will receive $500 which can be spent on upgrading your weapons or buy new ones.

Running the Fiddler Web Debugger I discovered when the game is connecting to a specific server, several requests are transmitted, which seemed like normal behaviour.



While looking in the response of the file called “Achievements.xml”, the $500 was found for killing an enemy.

This is where the BeGone Money Hack comes in, modifying this XML response is not checked in the game. You can basically tell the game what achievements one will receive.

Intercepting this response and mofiying the values in Achievement.xml allows you to receive a lot more money than you normally get. Have a look what the end result is in this video:

Update 20-12-2014:

Currently I have a working proxy tool, specifically for BeGone. It’s called “Begone Proxy” and it allows you to modify the amount of money you will receive for several achievements. It’s still work in progress, but here’s a screenshot:

BeGone Proxy  in development

You should change your browser’s proxy settings to “localhost” or “” on port “8080” and BeGone Proxy will automatically inject your chosen amount of money per available achievement. More later…..

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